We are not meeting for Bible Fellowship Classes but you are welcomed to join us for Worship Services at 9:00 or 11:00. (Children's Church will not meet either Service.)
We ENCOURAGE you to maintain SOCIAL DISTANCING and wear a mask if you desire. Your safety and the safety of others is of upmost concern to us.
You are welcomed to Worship from home by LIVE-STREAM on our Facebook page: Lakewood Baptist Church of Phenix City.
God bless and please stay safe!

Brother M.R.'s Letter to the Church 6-30-20

     Hello friends and families of Lakewood! We are back from our visit with our kids in Alaska and it seems the only thing that remains the same is that nothing is staying the same. The COVID 19 crisis that we all prayed would weaken come summer has in fact gained in strength and the number of positive test in both the CDC and the Church family has forced us to pull back our small group meetings. Our area is experiencing large numbers of cases for the first time and I am encouraging everyone to double down on their awareness that the threat is very real and near at hand. Our CDC is a classic example of just how hard it is to really protect people in a small group setting. We opened the CDC with very low numbers May 26th for the first time in 10 weeks. We checked temperatures at the door, had all teachers in mask and employed commercial cleaners to clean the facilities each night. As you have all no doubt heard by now we had a COVID outbreak and two students and one teacher tested positive closing the CDC once again. COVID 19 has proven to be the perfect storm of sorts when it comes to trying to operate a school or a daycare. Each storm feeding into another stronger storm leading to yet another until finally we were faced with the reality that we simply could not function. I will have a full detailed report of the struggles faced by the CDC since March 15th available this Sunday attached to the other reports set on the agenda of the July 5th church conference. The conference is set for 6pm Sunday July 5th and I will have the opportunity the to lay out where we are and why the church owes a great deal of gratitude to their CDC oversight team who has brought us through the many struggles of the past few weeks. We serve a great and wonderful God who really cares about us and Has guided us through each and every decision. I believe God allowed this perfect storm to leave us with only one choice so we could make it and never doubt we have done the right thing.  

                Friends and Church family, as of today we are limiting all small group gatherings where it is so very difficult to function safely. We continue to encourage all high risk members to follow us through our live feeds or our television ministry. 9am and 11am services will continue as they have with no offerings or greeting times and cleaning between services. If you have a mask and can worship with it on please feel free to do so. When faced with real challenges we don’t respond in fear and we don’t panic but we do take precautions and continue to move forward and strive to find other ways in which we can advance the Kingdom. It seems that the only thing that isn’t changing today is the fact that everything is subject to change. 

Until I announce next week’s changes God Bless and Best Wishes!

Brother Hamilton