5-19-20 Message from our Pastor M.R. Hamilton!

Brother M.R.'s Letter 5-19-20

I really want to thank you all for staying in contact with the church through this crisis. I really wanted to update everyone on just how our soft opening had turned out and keep everyone up to date. This past Sunday we had a little less than half our normal attendance and our screening and safety procedures were effective without any real complications. We had all the doors open so entrance to the worship facilities was possible without having to handle any doors. The facilities were cleaned and cleaned again between services and no offering was taken nor did we have our usual meet and greeting time. We did have live stream available for both services and our television ministry was also running. The choirs and orchestra were still not present as we continue to use different members each week to form our worship teams. We hope to continue with these same worship practices for the month of May as we continue to hope for a June 7th full service with childcare, children’s church and Sunday School. Please rest assured all these plans are subject to change so stay in contact for the latest updates.

                The CDC is starting May 26th with its summer program and health and safety procedures and policy have been sent out to all parents so when bringing your child rest assured that the facilities are being professionally cleaned nightly. All workers and children will have their temperature checked before being allowed to enter. Workers will be in face mask and we will be cleaning, cleaning, cleaning all day and night. Should a case of the virus be confirmed among any persons from the CDC or the church both will close for a period of two weeks while we clean the facilities and allow the threat to pass. So far God has blessed us by putting a hedge around our church family and we must strive to maintain our safe meeting practices to assure that continues. It is our dream and hearts desire to find a way to effectively function in the reality of the COVID 19 virus. Once again thanks for your faithfulness and stay connected. Brother M.R.