We are not meeting for Bible Fellowship Classes but you are welcomed to join us for Worship Services at 9:00 or 11:00. (Children's Church will not meet either Service.)
We ENCOURAGE you to maintain SOCIAL DISTANCING and wear a mask if you desire. Your safety and the safety of others is of upmost concern to us.
You are welcomed to Worship from home by LIVE-STREAM on our Facebook page: Lakewood Baptist Church of Phenix City.
God bless and please stay safe!


Brother M.R. HamiltonPastor Pix
Senior Pastor
email: brothermr@LBCPC.org

Growing up on the banks of the Ohio, all I could dream of was some day becoming a
mountain man! A funny dream for a kid from Kentucky, but I would see that dream come true after moving to Crestone Colorado in the early 80’s growing the population to 36 people. My home was located 7 miles from town and there I came to realize that my dream for my life had left me longing. It was then that I discovered the power of God’s Word to transform lives. It was there that I really took the time to read the Bible and discover the truth that God was Love, and my longing found it’s calling.

These past 28 years I have served God in a variety of different ministry settings from
church planting in Colorado and Missouri, to being a career missionary with the North American Mission Board in the great state of Wyoming. After getting married in 1994 my wife Katie and I have been privileged to have two healthy children and serve mostly in established churches as their pastor and pastor’s wife.

Never in our wildest dreams did we ever plan to some day be serving here in Phenix City, Alabama at Lakewood Baptist but God had this day mapped out for us many years ago. The area churches here sponsor a wonderful ministry called the “Builders For Christ” and they help with construction needs around the nation. By no accident, I would get to work with this team many times over the years and those relationships built while we thought we were there to build buildings lead us to this great church.

The welcome home slogan of Lakewood has become our reality. We have been
welcomed like we grew up in this church and my kids simply love it here. I guess it is safe to say that I am a long way from my childhood dreams, but dead in the middle of God’s plan for our lives. The neatest thing about that truth is this. God knows me a whole lot better than I know myself! He created me, and He alone knows what is really best for me. I thought I was a hermit, He knew I was a pastor. I thought peace came from creation, then I discovered that it only can be found in the plan of our creator.

If you have chased a dream to only find it left you longing, don’t give up until you give
God a try. You just might discover that He really does know what you need to be whole. After all he created you, and He alone knows your real purpose!

God is Good All The Time!
Brother M.R.Hamilton