VIP Opportunities

V.I.P. is the ministry that Lakewood participates in under the leadership of Valley Interfaith Promise of VIP headerColumbus, GA. We house and feed those families who are presently in thisprogram for one week at a time. There are 13 other churches in the Chattahoochee Valley area that also take turns hosting these precious families. Learn more at

Our last hosting week in 2019!
November 3 - 10

You may sign up on CLICKING ON THIS FORM and let us know where you would like to serve. Your choice will be visible shortly after that. Those who are cooking meals PLEASE let us know what you are serving so that others might not prepare the same meal. THANK YOU for serving Christ by serving others. You may also call Linda at 706-718-4240 or email if you prefer.

Hosting Week for November 3 - 10

 VIP Nov '19