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Taking time to Think brings Thanks!

When we forget the language of gratitude we will no longer be on talking terms with happiness! ...

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What lights your fire?

What things shape you and arouse your anger? What things have the power to move you to take action? Now those things are your passions and where your passions are your heart is also!...

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FAITH IS ________________________________________?

Faith sees the invisible truths, believes in the incredible promises and experiences the life that the world proclaims to be impossible!...

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I saw a poster that just had one word right in the middle,Go It didn't say where,it didn't say why,it didn't say anything but,Go....

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Someday is not a day of the week!

If you really need a way to waist away a day, just spend it trying to find someday on your calendar!...

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Don't Ask Me To Do More!

I know I am just too busy to take on anything else, but I will never be too busy to do more with what I am already doing!...

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Hey when you make a mistake try to learn from it, that way you can avoid an encore!...

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A good thing to remember, a better thing to do. Work with the construction gang,not the wrecking crew!...

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Death Sentence!

I meet a man named Jack who thought at first he had just been handed a death sentence, when actually it was a life sentence instead!...

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Now That Is A Miracle!

Often times we are surrounded by so many miracles that we fail to realize when God is moving and leading in our very presence!...

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