Men's Ministry


The world around us has tried (since the beginning of time) to define what manhood should look like—but they fall short every time. The Bible defines what real Biblical manhood is. The role of a “godly man” is among the highest callings you will ever receive. Never allow the culture to twist your perspective of God’s calling. 

God has ordained you to be a humble, bold leader among your family, friends, and church. It has nothing to do with your career, family situation, or hobbies. We must view ourselves as more than conquerors through Christ, and reflect the image of Christ in everything we do. Examine the Bible to learn how God calls and equips us to lead, protect, serve, and shepherd those around us.

You and I must first submit to Christ as our Lord and King. He will reflect His holiness in and through us. We have all we need to grow in righteousness, godliness, faith, love, steadfastness, and gentleness. The Holy Spirit and our brothers in Christ have equipped us.

The Last Will And Testament Of Paul

When we read Paul’s second letter to Timothy we have a special insight into the heart of the apostle Paul. In this, his last recorded writing, we can learn much of what a life poured out in Christian service looks like. He went through more opposition than we could ever imagine, but still finished strong, with a desire for Timothy, and others to finish strong as well. We need to have this same type of commitment and tenacity if we also will finish the course that God has laid out for us.