Men's Ministry



Be Strong Men's Conference
Sept 15 - 17

$200 per person
(You may pay extra
if you'd rather stay

Be Strong Men's Conference is a weekend focused on challenging males 17 and older to be more like Christ. Whether married or single, all will benefit from this trip. We will travel to Snowbird Wilderness Outfitters in Andrews, North Carolina. Cost is $200.00. You can pay extra to stay in a hotel off campus if you choose.


The world around us has tried (since the beginning of time) to define what manhood should look like—but they fall short every time. The Bible defines what real Biblical manhood is. The role of a “godly man” is among the highest callings you will ever receive. Never allow the culture to twist your perspective of God’s calling. 

Joshua: Courage & Conquest
Conference Teaching Focus

In the first chapter of Joshua, the Lord tells Joshua three times to “be strong and courageous”. This makes sense because Joshua had just taken over the leadership of God’s people and was embarking on a military conquest to seize the inheritance for God’s people. He surely needed the reminder. 

What about us today? God has called us to a similar conquest. But in our context it is not a military campaign against pagan nations, it is a spiritual battle for our souls and the souls whom the Lord has placed in our care. Even though our culture isn’t as “pagan”, openly worshiping false gods, it is just as blasphemous and hostile to the Gospel. And just as Joshua needed the reminder to be courageous, so do we. The same God who was with Joshua in his battle against his enemies is with us against ours.