Online Giving


Shelby is our financial and membership software.
They are also our online giving provider and your contributions will be posted directly to your personal contribution account.
This decreases service fees as well as posting time!
You will need to initially create a new account with ShelbyNext giving. There is more information below.

Shelby next giving button
USE THIS LINK to ShelbyNext giving. Thank you for supporting
God's work among us!

You will be able to specify if your offerings are to be a recurring gift that happens automatically on the day you choose and the amount you choose
AND / OR you will be able to give when you choose and how much you choose as you desire.

You can change your preferences listed above at any time and any way you need to.

You will receive contribution credit just as if you had filled out your regular offering envelope.

Online giving is easy and all transactions are secure.
See Melissa or any of our Finance Team if you have any questions or concerns.

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