Lakewood is so very blessed to have a tremendous orchestra. Beginning in 1997, many of these players dusted off their high school instruments and began a small ensemble to accompany the choir and congregation in the Sunday morning Worship Services. From that time it has grown to over 20 players today. They rehearse every Wednesday evening at 6:00 until 7:00.

Many high school students have played during the years with this group and then went on to play in churches in their college towns. It is a great joy when they come home and find their spots in the orchestra on Sunday mornings.

Instruments include piano, trombones, percussion, oboe, flutes, viola, alto & tenor sax, bass guitar and trumpets. Contact Charles Keown if you are interested in this group that brings wonderful praise and worship music to our Blended Worship Service every Sunday at 10:45.

Christmas Orchestra


Orchestra Christmas Program 2012                                       INSTRUMENTAL CHRISTMAS PROGRAMS