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R.E.A.L.- Life Student Ministries @ Lakewood Baptist Church 

Dear Students and Parents,

As the Student & Younger Singles Minister, my desire is to challenge students to live their lives daily for Christ. I want to Challenge them to be R.E.A.L witnesses for Christ, and make Him Savior & Lord of their lives. I also desire for them to recieve the greatest opportunity to engage in true worship and have intense discipleship. Therefore, we have structured everything we do to achieve these goals. Students, please come and see how R.E.A.L God can be!

God Bless,

Upcoming Special Events

Student Camp Out
January 20 - 21

College/Singles Weekend at SWO
January 25 - 27

Night of Worship
January 30

Young Adult Game Night
February 8

Student Game Night
February 22

Missions Fundraiser Lunch
February 24

Missions Yard Sale
March 2

Young Adult Game Night
March 8

Missions Fundraiser Lunch
March 10

Hiking Day Trip
April 6

Missions Fundraiser Lunch
April 7

Young Adult Game Night
April 12

Missions Fundraiser Lunch
May 5

Young Adult Game Night
May 10

Student Game Night
May 17

Graduate Recognition
May 19

Missions Fundraiser Lunch
June 2

Jamaica Mission Trip
June 4 - 11

Belize Mission Trip
June 23 - 29


Ongoing Events

Sundays at 6:00 in the FAC
Intercept Young Adult Bible Study

Every Wednesday night we come together to worship our Savior and to grow together in Christ!

6:00 - 7:00                     7:00 - 7:20
          Game Room         Announcements & Prayer

  7:20 -7:45                    7:45 -8:30
Praise & Worship           Group Lesson

Feed the Homeless
Monthly on the last Saturday of the month
10:45 - 2:00
(check the calendar page for specific dates
excludes Nov & Dec)
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