Builders for Christ


June 9-17, 2023

God has opened a door for a building project that will fit our skills and within driving distance.  We have been in contact with Bethlehem Baptist Church in Breman Kentucky.  Their facilities were destroyed in a tornado a couple of years ago.  They've already rebuilt the fellowship hall and are starting on the church. 


The cost will be $175.00 per person to cover food, supplies, tour day activities, insurance (if you're under 70 years of age) and a shirt.  BBC  fellowship hall has a large room upstairs that can be used for sleeping, they will provide cots.  It also has showers. It has a commercial kitchen for our meals.  If you prefer, there are hotels in Central City (about 8 miles away).  To simplify those choosing motels, please make your own reservation. We plan to go to Breman in April to check things out, and expect to have more answers afterwards. We're assuming most of you plan to drive. However, we will try to arrange to have one local Church bus available also.


If you have questions, I can be reached at 706-566-4424 or


The registration file is available to print here for your convenience. Make as many copies as you need.


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Builders for Christ 2020
Oshoto Community Bible Church in Oshoto Wyoming


2019 Builders for Christ
Spokane, WA

The Builders for Christ helped Fellowship Baptist (a Southern Baptist church) in Cheney Washington.  This is a completely new build and it’s a large project.

Fellowship was started about 30 years ago and has outgrown its current space, which is about a mile from the build site. The site has an old motel on it which will be demolished March 9th.   Then grading, footings and slab preparations will begin.  Our responsibility was to start framing. 



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Builders 2018

Restored Community Church in Eagle Idaho


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Builders of Christ 2017
New York


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 2016 Builders for Christ in Arkansas


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 June 19 - 27   2015  Gillette, Wyoming

The construction project will be the expansion of the Worship space and we will be following a team from Birmingham, Alabama that will have the framing and main structure up by the time of our arrival. Faith Community Baptist Church was started in a fire house 14 years ago by Mark and Kathy Largent who are cattle ranchers just outside of Kaycee, Wyoming where Katie and I lived while serving in Wyoming. Mark continues to pastor the Church there that continues to grow in spite of the fact that Kaycee is 135 miles one way from Gillette. Between his ranch and his church Mark Largent has plenty to keep him busy and I can’t imagine a man more deserving of all the support we can send his way. You don’t have to be a builder to go and there are always plenty of things to do for everyone around the project. We call it a Builders For Christ trip but it is really a wonderful revival camouflaged as a building project. If you’ve never been there is no time like the present. If you have been you know the truth of what a blessing it is for those who have prayed for help as well as those whom God has selected to be His answer.

In 2013, Bennington Vermont was the site of work done in June by volunteers of Builders for Christ from the Chattahoochee Valley area. Five members of Lakewood were a part of this team effort to transform the third and fourth floors of Grace Christian School into the Northeastern Baptist College. Builders for Christ plans an annual mission project each summer. Last year the work was done in Wyoming.


Pictures from Wyoming 2015!


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Below are a few of the pictures from the last trip
to Vermont:


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