Connecting With GOD


Through the Bible God has shared His hopes and plans, shown us who He is, and given us direction. We believe this is a precious gift. That is why you will find a number of references to scriptures in the following paragraphs. If you are new to the Bible, it is actually a collection of sixty-six individual books and letters. So that we can find things easily, references are listed by book or letter name and a chapter and verse number. (Of course these were not originally there, but added for convenience.)
For example, John 3:17 is the book of John, chapter number 3, verse number 17.
God created us to have a relationship with Him. As our Creator and because He is loving, just and good, He deserves our worship and the highest place of priority in our lives. Unfortunately, the truth is that we worship other people and things, giving them the highest priority (Romans 1:20-23). God refers to this as "sin.” In doing this we reject God, the life He offers and the good things that come from it. As a consequence, we experience disconnection from God, spiritual death and suffering (Romans 6:23)
The good news is that God desires a relationship with us so desperately He was willing to pay any price to reconnect us to Himself. To do this, He took our sin upon Himself in the form of Jesus, suffering the consequences we deserved (Rom. 5:10). Miraculously, He came back to life three days later to demonstrate that He had done what we couldn't do, broken the power of sin and spiritual death in our lives (Ephesians 2:4).
However, now we are faced with a decision. We can accept His offer to reconnect and now experience the relationship that He desired from the beginning, or we can reject His offer and continue going our own way, facing the same consequences as before (Revelation 3:20).

Our sincerest hope is that you will trust and follow Him, constantly learning more about who He is.

Like any genuine relationship, it requires continuing time and nurture. Sometimes we make the mistake of believing that committing ourselves to following God/Jesus is the end of the journey, but just like the wedding ceremony is merely the beginning of a marriage, our commitment to Him is ongoing.

That is the reason we offer a variety of opportunities to study the Bible and use the talents He has gifted us with to worship Him. Please let us know if there is any way we can help you in your relationship with God or if you have any questions.