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 An introduction and an invitation


While Elizabeth was visiting this past January, she dug out some of the boxes in the basement and came across some of her old books.  She was pretty excited as she hoped to find a couple from her childhood that Raelynn might enjoy.  In her search, she came across one that she had received as a gift and began to read through it.  In a few moments she looked up and said, "This kind of makes me uncomfortable...I’m not sure I want Rae to look at it… it talks about how the different berry plants came from the magic of fairies dancing around them.  Do you think I’m crazy?” 

Tink…tink…tink…The sound of a mallet hitting a chisel 

For the past month or so, God has drawn me to the book of Nehemiah, the historical account of the rebuilding of the wall of Jerusalem.  The book begins with a report concerning a group of God’s chosen people, “survivors” attempting to make a home in a city with broken walls.   What had been the “land of promise” was now a place of devastation and vulnerability.  How did this happen?  The people who had been led by God, Himself, across the Red Sea and out of the bondage of Pharoah, were now a people without a leader, drowning in destruction and seemingly moments away from falling captive to the next approaching army.




It was not a sudden collapse for the Israelites, it was an ongoing, constant chipping away at the truth, bit by bit.  With each seemingly small decision of compromise with the people groups around them, Israel’s protective covering began to crack.  It was a subtle, slow chipping away of the truth that eventually numbed their hearts in such a way that when the wrecking ball of the Babylonians swooped down upon them, it didn’t seem quite so big or so dangerous.




There are two ways to destroy a structure…bring in the bulldozer and take it down;  or work a little slower, by chipping away strategically in the areas that show weakness.   The first method is blatant.  Everyone knows exactly what you're doing, no secrets,  just open, honest destruction.  When going for a sneak attack, the second option,  if executed correctly, can leave its victims cowering in bewilderment, amidst the heaps of rubble that were once towering walls, asking, “How did we ever get here?”



What a great weapon of warfare when you have all the time in the world to keep chipping away.  Think about it…how much resistance does a man with a mallet and a chisel encounter when he threatens to tear down the community’s favorite tree or beloved structure?  Who even takes a stand against him?  What’s the point? How much damage could he possibly do? Our enemy is a smart one... sometimes his attacks are just outright blatant, but his most effective plans, involve a slow…




And because we live in such a busy,  loud fast paced world... most of the time we don't even hear him chipping. Which is exactly what he go unnoticed while he chips away at God's Truth in our lives.

Take a moment and listen,  do you hear it?

... what's the big deal, it's just business

...i can worship God anywhere..

... it’s for the safety of the mother

... it’s for the sake of the child

... you deserve this

... follow your heart

... but we love each other

... my spouse just doesn't understand me

...I was born this way's my right

... you don't know what he did to me

...did God really say

Or, how about in the pages of a toddler’s little book?

The berries are created by the magic of the fairies...


Tink… tink…tink..the sound of a bulldozer coming to knock down a wall…praise God my daughter heard it.


Yes, Elizabeth, the world we live in would say you're being a little crazy to put that book away... it’s just a harmless little children’s book with pretty little pictures and precious poetic lines; but I believe God would call you a faithful watchman strapping  yourself to the foundation of Truth and the Tree of Life refusing to allow the enemy's mallet and chisel anywhere close to what the Father is building in your daughter's life.


He who has ears to hear, let him hear.

Matthew 11:15


The book of Nehemiah is God’s invitation to restore our broken walls and renew our fellowship with Him.  I pray you will consider joining us for this five week Bible study, as we explore this story of surrender, commitment, humility and revival...Katie Hamilton

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