Clothes Closet


The clothes closet miniClothes Closetstry of Lakewood has been in place for several years, but just lately found it's permanent home in the South Building on the bottom floor. It is open from 2 to 4 every Thursday that the Food Bank (L.O.A.F.) is open, and also is available for emergency situations when needed. We have been able to provide for the Fire Dept. when a family was burned out and other agencies have called when a situation was immediate. We are thrilled to be the hand of Christ by clothing those who find themselves facing difficult times.
During the months of May '13 through July '13 our clothes closet has given out 1,530 items!

One of the area schools has expressed appreciation for the ministry the Clothes Closet has been to several of their students. Teachers who are aware of this ministry are able to search for the sizes of needy students. We are so excited to be a part of meeting the needs of children.

Read the following letter from Becky Aderhold, Director of our Clothes Closet:

Thank you so much for your interest in our special ministry. I love the Clothes Closet and in it I have found my ministry for the Lord. I am blessed each Thursday with thankful clients. Our church has brought in such nice clothes and the clients leave here saying what a blessing we are to them. We have given away at least 50 items each week and as many as 250 one week. I have prayed with several hurting ladies and have gotten many a hug. I have such great volunteers that work at sorting clothes, bagging and folding and helping people find their sizes. I have from 2 to 7 helpers who come each week. We get about 7 new clients on any given Thursday.  I never leave here feeling down...only lifted up for the Lord.Our supply is so great right now that we are using two rooms with the men's clothes in a separate room. This has been such a blessing. Thank you again for all who have given.

Becky Aderhold