Church. A word that evokes emotion in most. A word that either draws angst or peace. A word that can polarize or unite. Lakewood Baptist church isn’t in the business of “church.” Lakewood Baptist is in the heart of Christ. Our mission isn’t to point out all that’s wrong, but to make you see there is a single way to find hope in life — through Christ Jesus. We connect with God, encourage each other, care for those in need, love unconditionally, and serve our community through sound, biblical beliefs. Church. No matter what comes to mind, Lakewood helps place Christ in your heart. 

I have been a member of Lakewood Baptist for 28 years, and the church is truly the home of my spiritual family. I love the people, and I know that they love me and my family also. My relationship with Jesus had grown ever deeper through the worship and teaching I have received at the church. Lakewood Baptist has made a difference in my life, and I know that it could in yours too!
Carole Thornton

Lakewood Baptist Church has connected my family with Christ and the community. As newlyweds moving back to town, it was important for us to find a church home to grow our family. 3 kids later, we are secure in the fact that we have strengthened our relationships with Christ, with each other, and started a spiritual foundation for our children. Lakewood has shown us love and encourages us to share that love within the community by feeding the homeless, visiting nursing homes, offering food and clothing closets and providing multiple children’s activities. Lakewood Baptist is centered in Christ and a wonderful extended family...
Jill Henderson


It's pretty easy for me to tell you how much I love Lakewood. Lakewood is like a second home and when I'm there I'm always happy. During worship when we're singing it's seems as if all my worries just fade in the background. Our pastor M.R Hamilton gets so into what he talks about during the sermon which gets me into what he talks about. I've been attending the church since I was in my mothers stomach. There's no better church I'd rather attend. The people that attend Lakewood are the sweetest most genuine people I've ever meet. No one judges the choices you make. Everyone prays for you when you need them too. That's all way I love Lakewood.
Love, Grace Breault   13 years old

Welcome to Lakewood - Welcome Home! There really is no place like home. Home is where there's one to meet you; home is where there's one to greet you; home is acceptance, love and encouragement. At Lakewood, you'll find all these things. God will meet you here; loving friends will greet you here. We accept each other, we love each other and we encourage each other. There is a special place just for you. Come try us out and you will find that you are welcomed to Lakewood and welcomed Home! 
Pansy Slocumb