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Margaret and I express our thanks to each of you for your prayers, thoughts, phone calls, texts and cards, concerning her surgery and recovery. She continues to improve each day, for which we are very thankful, also.

Love you,
Fred & Margaret


Thank you, precious Lakewood family, for your loving, prayerful, and generous support during this period of transition. Your calls, cards, and gifts have brought immeasurable blessings to us, and I pray the Lord to multiply those blessings back to you. Our sweet Annie is under home hospice care, and she spends most of her time sleeping. Even in the midst of confusion, her outgoing personality still comes through, and she can still smile and laugh. We praise God that He is faithful to His word, and Romans 8:28 is especially significant to us. I will always remember you and pray for you in the spirit of Philippians 1:3-6, and I'm grateful to be able to worship with you via live streaming

Jerry Horner

Dr. Horner's new address:
Jerry & Annie Horner
203 NE Abshere Road
Lawton, OK  73507



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