ONE MORNING SERVICE December 11 at 10:00 am!
The Alleluia Choir will present 
TINY BABE OF BETHLEHEM followed by preaching from our Pastor Drew Spires. Everyone is welcomed.

Kidz Choir

Kidz Choir Rotator

Kidz Choir is currently not meeting for rehearsals.




KIDZ CHOIR was a ministry of the Children's division with coorperation of the Music Ministry. Children learn reading and singing techniques that are fun and exciting to them. Choirs met during the school year and break for the summers.

In May '13 they presented "L.O.S.T. But Now I'm Found". The plot idea was taken from the TV series L.O.S.T. with a spiritual twist. See these photos of their fabulous production:


 L.O.S.T. But Now I'm Found


L.O.S.T. But Now I'm Found– Image 1 of 25

I Can Only Imagine


I Can Only Imagine– Image 1 of 10